Lake Louisa State Park  

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Did you know you’re supporting a good cause?! 
There are many reasons you can feel good about supporting the trail rides at Lake Louisa State Park! Our trail rides, along with the rest of our operation:


1. Help care for a beautiful herd of horses in their forever home!

People often ask if we are a rescue center. Although several of our horses came from homes that were no longer able to care for them, we don’t consider them rescues, we just consider them a part of our family.  We are a for-profit company that proudly supports our local and state economies by paying business tax. We are just happy that in the case of some of our horses, responsible horse owners recognized they were no longer able to provide the best home possible for their horse(s), and contacted us to ensure they would have the happiest, healthiest life possible.


2. Help financially support a beautiful state park!

Did you know that Florida State Parks are almost 90% self-sufficient? That means that through smart management and key partnerships, like the one with P3 Lake Louisa LLC, state parks only rely on tax dollars to support about 10% of their financial needs- and that number continues to shrink every year! Now that’s a government operation we believe in, and we happily contribute to the financial success of Lake Louisa, ensuring environmental protection, and the preservation of a historical and ecological gem!

3. Grow the local economy!

By creating jobs, contributing to local and state taxes, and further tying Clermont into the expansive Orlando tourism industry,  P3 Lake Louisa is a locally, woman-owned and operated business supports our beautiful community in many ways!

“I never would have imagined that my journeys and professional interests would bring me right back home,” says Arden Tilghman, P3 Lake Louisa’s founder and managing partner. “When my family moved to Clermont, I was just 4 years old, and the only things we would see for miles at a time were orange groves and citrus melons! Clermont, with all its charm, had a truly profound impact on me as a child and young adult. To have the opportunity to come home and use my experiences and passions to grow a business in my hometown, that is also growing, is a blessing and privilege.” 

Trail Rides

A program tailored to teach the basics of horsemanship and horseback riding to those new to equestrian activities is the perfect fit for those who want to enjoy an affordable, hands-on experience without committing to an intense lesson program or competition barn. This program may  be tailored for any age. 

You will start to feel like part of the family! When you buy 5 rides, you'll get the 6th ride on us! When you purchase this package, we will work with you to layout alternating trails to ensure you see as much of Lake Louisa State Park by horseback as possible.

Trail ride horse on Big Creek bridge

Enjoy guided trail rides on several, well-kept trails within Lake Louisa State Park. Two knowledgable and friendly wranglers guide every ride. No experience is necessary to enjoy these rides. 

Mention our online special when booking to receive 15% off your trail ride!!!